Prepare a booklet on eight plant (crop) processes. 


1.       Research: define the following plant processes.

a.       Photosynthesis

b.       Respiration

c.        Transpiration

d.       Translocation

e.       Tropism: geotropism

f.        Hydrotropism

g.       Photoperiodism

h.       Phototropism

2.       Create a booklet using typing sheet.

3.          Cover page, table of content, terms with definitions

4.       Can include graphics to depict the plant process.


Poor     2 pts

Fair    3 pts

Good     4 pts

Exceeds     5 pts

Content Knowledge

The booklet is missing vital information. There are many gaps in information presented. Organization and/or information is confusing.

Information may lack relevance. There is not enough information presented. Information is presented in an unorganized fashion and may be hard to understand.

Booklet includes all relevant information; is educational, shows some organization and is generally appropriate for age selected. Shows quality work.

Booklet includes information relevant to the topic, is educational, is organized and is appropriate for age selected.
Shows high quality.


Work is done with little effort, quality is not what the learner is capable of. It appears that the work was rushed and little time was spent on the final product.

Work is done with fair effort, but the quality is still lacking. Work appears rushed.

Work done with good effort that shows demonstrates quality.

The work done exceeds all expectations and shows pride in work. Booklet is clear, complete and easy to understand.


Lacking in visual interest and appeal

Some areas of visual interest and appeal.
Some attempt to include artwork/color.
Text is easily legible.

Appealing design
Demonstrates some variety in presentation, including use of artwork.
Work is neatly presented.
Text is clear and easy to read.

Appealing design
Artwork is colorful and interesting & neatly done.
Variety adds interest
Text is high quality.

Required Components

Minimal content.
Work is incomplete.

Clear gaps between work submitted and required components.

Clear attempt to meet requirements.
Variety of graphics
Clear definitions
Connects to "real life"
9-10 pages

Title page
Introduction-including why topic is important. Graphics/visual aids on nearly every page.
Includes simple definitions of key vocabulary.
Connections to "real life" experience.
At least 10 pages

Quality Sources

Uses only 1 source. Sources may not be accurately credited.

Uses 2 sources that are credited with some accuracy

Uses at least 3 quality sources that are accurately credited

Uses at least 4 quality sources that are accurately credited

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  • Teacher: Alciro Noriega
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  • Teacher: Alciro Noriega
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