This course is designed to develop in student writers an awareness of the process and techniques of effective writing. It is tailored to equip students with the skills needed for writing for a variety of purposes and audiences. Styles, proper use of grammar and mechanics are emphasized as well as the application of strategies that enhance conventional forms of composition. Summary writing and paraphrasing are taken into account. Basic research skills along with proper documentation styles also form an integral aspect of the course.
Psychology is “the study of the mind and behaviour" and the aim of the course is to familiarise students with a wide range of theories and research investigating human behaviour. The course begins with a short overview of how psychology developed as an academic discipline and an introduction to a number of the principal methodologies most commonly deployed in its study. The subsequent units are arranged around broad areas of research, including emotion, development, and memory. The objective is to explore how psychology has contributed to an understanding of individual, social and cultural diversity.